If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, we would encourage your next step to be baptism.



Baptism is a way of declaring your commitment to the world that you are living for Jesus. By being “immersed”, you identify with and declare your allegiance to Jesus. It means you understand you have sin, that you need forgiveness and that you need a Savior. Because of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, you can experience new life in Christ. Baptism is a picture of that death, burial and resurrection. Baptism  signifies a change from an observer, or seeker to a follower of Jesus.

Baptism is not an act that saves you. Baptism is not a ticket to heaven. It is a step of repentance and a declaring of Jesus as your Lord and Savior.


If you have decided that Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection was a sacrifice for your sins, and because of that act of love we can now have a relationship with Him, then we encourage this next step in your journey. Through baptism you declare to everyone that you are putting you faith and trust in Jesus alone for salvation.


Jesus did it. - Matthew 3:13-15

Jesus instructed his disciples to baptize. - Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus instructed us to be baptized. - Mark 16:16

The early church practiced baptism (immersion) when surrendering to Jesus. - Acts 2:42


Infant baptism is a tradition in many churches. We don’t think it’s wrong, however we don’t see it taught in scripture. We think it’s great that parents cared enough to have their children baptized but in infant baptism, it’s the parents who made the decision. We feel that the decision to be baptized should be made by each individual and that they understand sin, repentance and love for God.

If you would like to talk to someone about being baptized, please contact us!

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Life groups are small groups of people who meet together on a regular basis who meet to encourage one another strengthen their walk with Jesus. Each group decides the topics they want to explore.  Some do book studies by current author’s, some groups do a study that follows the sermons each week. Some tackle topics such as parenting or marriage, some fellowship and pray, while other groups use video formats for their small group times. These life groups are a great way to connect with others in a deeper way and you’ll find them helpful in your faith journey. Included in these “life groups” would be a Women’s Bible Study, Men’s prayer breakfasts.

Let us know if you are interested in joining a group!

Interested in Leading a life group? Let us know!



These groups are similar to life groups but they usually meet for a short time. Most lesson groups last 8 to 12 weeks and usually explore a topic. After the 8 to 12 weeks are up, one can jump to another lesson group. 

Some of our lesson groups are Bible book studies, topical studies such as parenting, finances, and more.

These lesson groups take place Sunday mornings as well as some throughout the week.

Let us know you are interested in joining a lesson group!



These groups help bring hope and healing for those going through a difficult time. We all have difficult times. We have offered groups help with cancer and addictions, and would like to offer more for those experiencing divorce, sexual addiction, or grief.

Please check in with us if you need help in any of these areas.


Partner with us! There are many ways you can partner with us to help share the good news of Jesus.

We’d love to use your gifts and interests in a God honoring way! You can help us be a better church and help us influence out community and world. 

Here is just a sampling of ways you can serve:

  • Like children? We always need loving childrens workers in Kid Zone on Sunday mornings or at  Impact on Wednesday evenings!
  • Like teenagers? (Yes, some really do!) We do here at First Church of Christ! Join us as we seek to introduce students to Jesus.
  • Do you enjoy singing or playing and instrument? Check out our Worship teams
  • Technology - Help with our sound booth or help with our online presence.
  • Do you like using your hands? Be part of our buildings and grounds team.
  • We have a prayer shawl ministry for those who like to knit. It’s a great way to encourage those experiencing loss or tough times.
  • Finance team
  • Small group leaders
  • Nursing home services
  • Communion to shut-ins
  • Oversees and local Missions experience

Let us know if you are interested in serving at First Church of Christ!



We take seriously the call to be mission minded and we have several missions that we support. We love partnering with these great missions who are touching people all over the globe. They are great people doing a great work for the Lord and we are happy to support them as best we can: financially, through prayer and even occasional trips to visit them.

Our Mission Partners:

  • Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Christian Harbor Youth Camp
  • Rick and Yvonne Farley  (Central Asia)
  • Jared and Anna Olander (Africa)
  • Somphet (Thailand)
  • Andy Kohler (Ireland)
  • Noah Applegate (YWAM)
  • Nebraska Christian College  
  • Rusk County Chaplins